Does Crumbl Have Vegan Cookies? [Answered!]

The franchised American bakery company Crumbl specializes in selling ice cream and making cookies. In 2017, the first location was established in Utah. Since then, it has grown quickly. There are currently more than 600 Crumbl Bakeries spread all over the nation.

Crumbl Cookies doesn’t carry vegan cookies. They did an investigation in March 2022 to ask fans if they were interested in vegan or gluten-free cookies. And 77% of Crumbl customers aren’t fans of vegan cookies.

Why Are Crumbl Cookies So Famous?

Since 2017, Crumbl Cookies has expanded more than 600 locations, making them the food company with the highest growth in 2021. What makes them successful? largely on social media. On the famed TikTok, they are continuously producing stuff. The TikTok account for Crumbl now has more than 5 million followers!

Conversely, there are always the cookies. They invested a huge sum of money, primarily in public testing. They persisted until everything was flawless, and as we can see, it was successful!

Does Crumbl Have Vegan Cookies? [Answered!]

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